Unknown Soldier .. “Chris Messina” the idea of the Hashtag .. Twitter rejected it at first

Over the past few years, Hashtag has become an essential part of the world’s participation through various social networking sites. It has become a way to make the world meet on a specific idea. You can easily tell what the world is currently preoccupied with when you see the most popular Twitter sites, Did you know that Chris Messina, a product designer who worked at Silicon Valley for more than a decade, and who ran an online consulting firm in 2007, first came up with the idea of “Hashtag” and used it on Twitter?
Unknown Soldier .. "Chris Messina" the idea of the hacker .. Twitter rejected it at first
Chris Messina
He wanted to collect all the data related to a particular incident in one place using a label, and indeed succeeded the idea, and became a code Hashtag # is written before each word users want to draw attention to databases, making them an electronic archive always, easy to follow, What concerns public opinion in the virtual world.
“There was a small group of us in San Francisco using an early social network called Twitter, and we thought Twitter needed some sort of framework for organization,” Messina said.
The idea of using hashtag came from Internet chat rooms that had the same code, and then decided to put the idea on Twitter, but the company told him it was an “impolite” idea and would never use it, but he insisted and already the Hashtag was used on the site in August 2007 San Diego Fire.
In 2009, Twitter added an option for users to search for “Hashtag” tags. When Instagram was launched in 2010, users started placing snapshots on images using #nofilter or #yolo tags.