Egypt resolves controversy “liquid” the Ark of Alexandria

The Secretary-General of the Egyptian Supreme Council for Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, said Friday that the liquid found inside the huge archaeological ark in Alexandria is not “a juice for mummies with the elixir of life or red mercury” as rumored, it is sewage water leaked into it.
“The specialists took a sample of this liquid to analyze it, and know its components,” he said in an official statement.
Egypt resolves controversy "liquid" the Ark of Alexandria
Egypt resolves controversy “liquid” the Ark of Alexandria
He denied reports of the type of fluid and the identity of skeletons found inside the coffin.
He confirmed that the site where the coffin was found inside is not royal, and was not used during the previous historical ages as a royal cow.
The ark itself is not royal either, and there is no engraving or hieroglyphic or Greek inscriptions indicating the identity of the author or the period of time to which he refers.
He pointed out that the coffin is now subject to the work of study and restoration in the warehouses, “Mustafa Kamel” archaeological under the Ministry of Antiquities.
As for the skeletons found inside the coffin, Waziri confirmed that the identity of the owners has not yet been identified and there is no accurate information about them.
“A group of specialists in the study of mummies, bones and anthropology is studying the skeletons of their identity, the cause of death, and the time period to which they belong,” he said.
Waziri explained that his statements about the skulls were merely a description of their shape and condition, and had nothing to do with whether they belonged to “military officers” or not, but the only evidence so far was the impact of a strike on one of the skulls.