YouTube tests the “Explore” tab in its application on iPhone to view new channels and videos

The company will develop some benefits for content makers and users, as a new test feature, the Explore tab, is being updated to provide viewers with a more diverse set of video recommendations.

The news was announced via Creator Insider – the same channel that Jessica highlighted in its latest update as the “unofficial” source operated by YouTube staff.

According to the news, the new Discovery Tab feature is currently being tested on only 1 percent of YouTube users on iOS, so there is a high probability that you will not see this update in the YouTube app on your phone right now.
YouTube tests the "Explore" tab in its application on iPhone to view new channels and videos
YouTube tests the “Explore” tab in its application on iPhone to view new channels and videos

If you’re in the beta group, you’ll notice that the app’s lower navigation bar looks different. Instead of the Home, Trending, and Subscriptions tabs, you’ll see Home, Explore, and Subscriptions instead.

The idea behind the Explore Explore tab is to provide YouTube users with a variety of viewing suggestions for viewing than they do today. At this time, custom video recommendations are largely influenced by previous view activity and other behaviors, which can then create a kind of homogeneous selection of recommended content.

“The exploration feature is designed to help you get exposure to different types of topics, videos or channels that you may not see but are still dedicated,” said Tom Leung, director of product management for a video on YouTube. That is, videos are still dependent on watch activity.
“For example, if you’re watching videos about telescopes, you might see recommended videos about high-quality cameras, which gives you more diversity.”

The new “Explore” tab is therefore giving content creators the ability to reach more viewers, even if their content is not within the YouTube trend.

Early comments from YouTube content makers in the comments section seem optimistic, as many have expressed their hopes that the new tab will provide an opportunity for smaller channels to emerge from content creators rather than just big names.

The launch of the Exploration tab is logical given the growing threat from Instagram, whose exploration section includes customized video suggestions, and the launch of IGTV, an outspoken YouTube competitor, attracting the world’s most influential and popular publishers Video from them.

If the YouTube Explore tab succeeds, it will bring viewers more channels of content creators they want to share and participate in, as well as increase the time they spend in the application, which in turn can reduce the time of viewers in other applications such as IGTV, Facebook, Instagram and other Applications.