Yellow gold jewelry Consumer expectations vs. Reality

  • February 10, 2021

Yellow gold jewelry has always been a focal point for Indians in all holidays and festivities large and small. Given the scale of importance, many retail jewelery has emerged in recent years selling not only yellow gold jewelry but also platinum, silver, diamond and white gold jewelry, given the changing preferences of thousands of women. 

There are many things to do; sale and purchase of jewelry that is largely covered by the customer. Buying jewelry from gemstone manufacturers in India is always overwhelming, here are some ideas that can help you buy jewelry wisely. 

Did you know that you can bargain when you take expenses? Although there are fixed fees for each product we buy, you can enter into an agreement if you think the tasks are high with a jeweler. Chances are high that the jeweler will reconsider the price. 

Do you buy jewelry online? Here’s what you need to know While buying jewelry online, check the original piece if the portal has a try @ home option, or if they do not have a try @ home option, be sure to view it in high resolution picture or through an HD video call to see the complexity. Buying jewelry with Photoshop images can be misleading, as we can not distinguish the actual color. Some sites offer a virtual test installation; you can also search for them. 

Did you know that jewelers do not charge for black pearls in a Mangalsutra? Retailers or wholesalers of yellow gold jewelry in Jaipur, Surat or elsewhere do not charge for the black pearls that come in the traditional Mangalsutras, note that the traditional Mangalsutras are charged for the gold, it costs costs and the stones (if any) and black pearls come for free. 

Did you know that not all gemstones in gemstone jewelry are real or precious? Most of us believe that all the gemstones used to make gemstone jewelry in India are precious. However, this is not true unless specified by the jeweler. Some gemstones are also semi-precious stones or simple stones for decorative purposes only. Gemstone jewelry in India is mainly made of rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires and other naturally available corals and pearls. Stones such as tanzanite, tourmalines, garnets and opal are rarely seen packed in jewelry, unless it is exclusive fine jewelry. 

Did you know that 18 karat white gold jewelry in India is often confused with platinum? Yes, you read that right. Considering the hue, white gold is often confused with platinum. For clients, it is difficult to distinguish between white gold and platinum. The only way is to identify the PT950 platinum mark chiseled on all platinum jewelry to convey the platinum mark and tell the purity. You can ask more about this at 18K jewelry in white gold and wholesalers before you buy jewelry in white gold. 

Buying gold jewelry is truly a memorable experience for all of us. Depending on the age group, we are dependent on the parents, friends or contributions of the family members. At the moment when the responsibility falls on us, we must be more careful before investing the money we have hard earned. If it is only for the investment point of view, it is highly recommended to take a pure gold coin rather than some gemstone jewelry.