Inverted meat with vegetables

Inverted from the best and most famous dishes of the Palestinian cuisine, and prepare with a variety of flavors, meat, chicken, we offer you a turn of meat vegetables from the kitchen of my lady taste good for the broken
Inverted meat with vegetables
Inverted meat with vegetables

– Eggplant: 2 tablets (large size, peeled and sliced into slices, oil-sauteed and drained of excess oil)
– Rice: 2 cups (washed and decanted 15 minutes)
– lamb meat: half a kilo (meat with bone or boneless bananas, boiled with spices such as spices, spices, and cinnamon, with garnet leaves, while keeping the broth for inverted cooking)
– Salt: teaspoon
– Black pepper: half a teaspoon
– Spices: half a teaspoon
– Cinnamon: a quarter teaspoon
– Love: a quarter teaspoon
– Onions: 2 pieces (cut into medium-sized pieces and saute until golden color)
– Tomatoes: sliced (as desired)
How to prepare
  •  Place the meat in the bottom of the cooking pot, and spread the eggplant over the meat to form a layer or two layers, and you can put slices of tomatoes (as desired).
  •  Add the rice with water and add it over the eggplant. At this stage you can add the good spices to the rice and mix them well or add them to the face before adding the broth, add the broth over the rice to cover it completely without increasing, you can add a little water as needed later.

  •  Boil the pot on high heat at first and then on low heat with the use of the protective metal disc to prevent burning the bottom of the pot. Cooking may take about 20-30 minutes or until the inverted rice is cooked inverted in the serving dish, and Zini with fried pine and hot feet with raisin or green salad.