Egyptian Antiquities: A new discovery in the Bani Hassan area in Minya

The Australian Archaeological Mission, headed by Dr. Najib Qanawati, uncovered colored inscriptions and scenes during the re-cleaning of the burial pit of the tomb of the 16th district governor, Pakt I of the family, 11 which was located in the Bani Hassan area of ​​Minya Governorate, .
Egyptian Antiquities: A new discovery in the Bani Hassan area in Minya
Egyptian Antiquities: A new discovery in the Bani Hassan area in Minya
The head of the Egyptian Antiquities Department, Dr. Ayman Ashmawy, said Wednesday: “These inscriptions were found by the mission inside the burial chamber, which is located 18 meters deep. These inscriptions depict a collection of funerary scenes showing the owner of the tomb offering the offering to the Anubis, And the god Osiris and Abidus, as well as the offering to the Governor of Region No. 16.
He continued: “As the owner of the cemetery shows in another view sitting holding his crucifixion and in front of him the table of the Eucharist.”
For his part, Naguib Kanawati pointed out that the importance of this discovery lies in the decoration of the room, which was not familiar in the Middle Kingdom era, which may open the way for archaeologists to re-examine the evolution of the decoration of cemeteries in the Middle Kingdom in general.
“The appearance of the graveyard on the walls of his burial chamber increases the importance of this discovery, since the photographing of people on the walls of the burial chambers was rare in the age of the old state until it stopped completely at the end of the age of the fifth family On the deceased in accordance with the old Egyptian belief at the time. “
The discovery of new pharaonic inscriptions inside the Bani Hassan area of ​​Minya Governorate in Egypt on 21 March 2018
“Then the Egyptian artist turned to distort the hieroglyphic signs, which represent living beings such as” son of Oh, “which may hurt the deceased, which leads us to reconsider, and further studies on the decoration of burial chambers in this era “He said.
The Director General of the Central Antiquities of Egypt Gamal Al-Samtawi said that the texts and views discovered were found to be in poor condition due to flooding and the burial well. The mission is currently carrying out the necessary repairs under the supervision of the restoration department in the central region of Egypt.