Can you buy and sell currencies as an effective investment strategy?

  • February 10, 2021

When the markets collapsed in 2008, millions of amateur investors stayed out of the cold, in some cases literally. This was because, for almost half a century, the safest investment in U. S. history has always been considered synonymous with any investment in the U. S. housing market. When that market fell, people later lost everything. From carefully invested retirement income to roofing over many people, many U. S. households have effectively redesigned their entire financial situation. 

Of course, it was all in 2008. However, one only has to assess the falling oil prices of 2016 to appreciate the fact that even the most prudent investment strategy on the outside can become sour at a glance. In this case, how secure are your own financial future? Do you need to inject cold cash under a mattress somewhere? Or is it a commodity that can maintain its value through even the most turbulent economic conditions?

Why you should buy and sell coins and bullion

Have you ever considered buying gold coins or even silver coins instead of investing in intangible stocks? Chances are you do not have to. Gold and coins, after all, are considered almost worthless in contemporary society. However, gold coins and gold actually represent the safest long-term investment strategy in the world. 

Disassemble the investment portfolio of the richest investors on Wall Street and you will find that each of them holds the security in the end part of their assets by investing in gold. This reason is simple. While gold coins and gold never pay dividends or interest, gold has historically had its value during even the most terrible political and economic periods. 

In short, while you are buying coins and the price at which you can sell coins is falling and rising depending on daily commodity price indices, what you buy coins today represents the minimum price at which you can resell coins after 10 or even twenty years from now on. In this case, would you buy coins to guarantee the financial future of you and your family?

How to buy and sell coins

The biggest difference between investing in currencies and investing in stocks lies in the fact that you invest with coins in a commodity that you can hold in your hand. In this case, to get started, all you have to do is go to your local gold and/or coin dealer, buy a quantity of coins and think of a safe place to store them. Also, if you ever want to sell coins, you can do so easily by selling them to the same or similar merchant. Actually buying and selling coins is really ridiculously easy. The only question is? How seriously are you protecting your future financial well-being?