7 things that affect the market price of the latest cryptocurrency

  • February 10, 2021

However, there are some factors that influence high and low prices of cryptocurrency that will help you create higher buying options when you are more aware about the cryptocurrency market. Here are some things to think about before buying a crypto currency, as they directly affect the value of each completely and negatively. 

Some of these factors also intertwine to create different sources of influence on value, so it is important to know, but the price of cryptocurrency is manipulated by current events. 

The news

The news is one of the first factors influencing the valuation of the crypto currency, much similar to how positive and negative news affects the stock market. In fact, the news of some of the later factors on this list directly affect the value of a crypto currency in any direction, so it is essential to stay in the realization of the cryptocurrencies that you have or are considering. 


People rely on exchanges to get and sell their cryptocurrencies, which requires a particular trust in this establishment. Just like old bank robberies in the 1800s, unsecured exchanges are a juicy target for hackers who have to make quick money. 

Any exchange hack, security breach or closure of a prominent exchange directly affects the value of cryptocurrencies overall. All it took was a simple JavaScript error to export millions of coins that hackers had been exposed to. 

Mutual influence

While crisp coins on the surface may not seem related, especially with the various functions they serve, the mutual influence usually causes a repetitive result in many currencies, even if that particular currency was not compact in the news. 


Even if some cryptocurrencies rely on Bitcoin as an exchange tool, this will not always be the case. Newer and faster cryptocurrencies are emerging that address a range of issues that first-generation coins did not anticipate. This type of competition can potentially push older currencies to a disadvantage, as higher technology is being made to deal with stress points that have suppressed the growth of the network. Ethereum was planned as an infinitely scalable cryptocurrency that addresses completely its own shortcomings of bitcoin. 

Adoption rates

Overall adoption of cryptocurrency is one of the most positive and influential drivers for currency valuation to date. 

When large traders announce their support for any cryptocurrency, it helps to produce value for people who already own the currency. It also gets a lot of buzz about the currency as a digital asset and helps the interest in owning the currency as a digital asset.